Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Review: Infini by Krista and Becca Ritchie

"Don’t have a best friend that’s a girl" — this was the advice from my older cousin. I didn’t take it. Because he followed with, "friends don’t f*ck friends. And you’ll want to f*ck her."

It was terrible advice. 

My cousin should’ve told me that being best friends with Baylee Wright — since she was twelve — would be the best and worst decision of my life. 

He should have told me to protect her from what was coming. 

He should have told me that when a darkness crawled towards us, there’d be no safety net. 

Now I’ve signed back on to the same Vegas acrobatic show as Baylee, working together for the first time in years. And she tells me that she’s having trouble in a certain “area” of her life — because of our past. 

“You can help me fix it,” she says. 

And then she hands me a list. 


5/5 Comepltely and utterly in love with the Aerial Ethereal World!

INFINI was everything I wanted it to be... Honestly, I don't even know where to begin for my review, but there is one word that comes to mind-- emotional.

Have you ever read a book that made your heart physically hurt, but in the sweetest way? An ache in your chest that clogs up your throat and has tingles that spread down into your fingers? Well, that was me reading Infini.

Infini tells the story of Luka and Baylee; two incredibly talented, incredibly strong individuals who have known each other since they were kids. Then in their teens their friendship soon blossoms into something more, but as luck would have it, they get caught. I'm not one for spoilers, but what I will say is that this kind of relationship is against the rules for minors in the circus and they are soon faced with an excruciating decision. How do you chose between family and the person you love? What would you do if faced with options that not only affect you, but the lives and livelihood of others? Not an easy task.

Years ago by without a word, without a glance, nothing, even though they are living in the same city...the same building. This is until there is a shake up with the new year and Aerial Ethereal wants to revamp an old show-- Infini. Luka and Baylee, who thought they would never see each other again, are surprised to find themselves in that very show. BUT, how does this work when you are legally forbidden from being together, not even able to speak to each other?

Throughout Luka and Baylee's story you'll get a little past and present action into the lives. Why does Luka shoplift stupid sh*t? Why is Baylee so determined to do anything to make Infini (the show) stay live? Can they get past the grief, loss, and rumors of their pasts and make something better for their future-- whether it's being together or getting over each other? And this, folks, is why my heart hurt so much for them. Sometimes when you love someone you have to do what is right for them, even if it doesn't include you. Sometimes you have to stand up and fight instead of sitting back and holding your tongue.

Now, that I got all the heavy stuff out of the way, time for something a little lighter. One of the biggest things I love about Infini and the Aerial Ethereal series is the family aspect-- and not just blood family. The circus is family and that really shows in all the ups and downs Luka and Baylee  experience. There is so much passion for the work they do and for the people around them you can't help but be inspired. And you'll just fall in love with the Kotova family. You got a glimpse of them in Amour Amour, but I think Infini stepped it up with the family shenanigans.

For as many books as Krista and Becca have written they always seem to come up with new and interesting ways to tell one heck of a story. I've been to Vegas. I have seen shows that are just like the ones they describe in Amour Amour and Infini, but I've never given much thought about the performers lives. How many are born into this crazy life, spending hours upon hours training and honing a crafty that seems impossible. I mean-- juggling things that are on fire? Are you kidding? Hanging, twisting, and falling from silk connected the the ceiling? Hard pass! Krista and Becca must have watched hours of circus videos because their descriptions of the stunts, equipment, costumes, makeup, even the auditorium/theater setup are insanely amazing.

Reading a book by the Ritchie sisters is basically like gaining a new best friend-- a family even. Their characters come to life and scream for your attention, and you can't help but give them just that. They prove this theory (I'm lookin' at you Daisy) by making it so easy to get pulled into the Aerial Ethereal world. I wish I could think of more to say, but seriously, the imagery their words painted in my mind were mesmirizing. The Kotovas and the rest of the Aerial Ethereal gang are a captivating group of people with extraordinary talents and ordinary, everyday problems. They fight, but they love hard and I was right there every step of the way with them-- ugly crying, laughing, and feeling utter frustration in the form of a certain choreographer! You name it, I felt it. Honestly, when it comes to Krista and Becca, I know I'm in for an emotional roller coaster and it's one I don't ever want to get off!

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