Monday, August 11, 2014

Review: The Best Kind of Trouble by Lauren Dane

 Genre: Romance
Page Length: 384
Release: August 26th, 2014
*ARC from NetGalley for honest review*

She has complete control…and he's determined to take it away 

A librarian in the small town of Hood River, Natalie Clayton's world is very nearly perfect. After a turbulent childhood and her once-wild ways, life is now under control. But trouble has a way of turning up unexpectedly—especially in the tall, charismatically sexy form of Paddy Hurley…. 

And Paddy is the kind of trouble that Natalie has a taste for. 

Even after years of the rock-and-roll lifestyle, Paddy never forgot the two wickedly hot weeks he once shared with Natalie. Now he wants more…even if it means tempting Natalie and her iron-grip control. But there's a fine line between well-behaved and misbehaved—and the only compromise is between the sheets!

I have to admit… this is my second time reading this book, and I loved it as much the second time as I did the first. I have yet to pick up a Lauren Dane book that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed, and The Best Kind of Trouble hits all the right spots for me.

No one writes a rock star quite like Lauren Dane. Of course, they are beyond talented and sexy, but they are loyal, honest, caring, extremely hardworking men who love their families fiercely. Her female characters are equally as admirable, written as strong, brave women. They are ambitious and successful in their own right with just enough sassy wit to have you laughing out loud.

And Paddy and Natalie fit the Lauren Dane character formula perfectly.

What I love about Paddy is that even though he knows how good-looking and charming he is, he isn't a sleaze ball about it. He may have had two steamy, wild monkey sex weeks with Natalie years ago, but he doesn't use that as an easy way to get into Natalie's pants a second time around. It's obvious Natalie is no longer that long blonde haired party girl she used to be, so Paddy puts in the time to actually woo her. After a handful of stalking sessions at her favorite coffee shop, Natalie finally agrees to have dinner with the now famous lead singer of Sweet Hollow Ranch that is Paddy Hurley.

For a woman who needs control to feel safe and content, being with Paddy is a challenge at times. The sex is off the charts, and I feel like even that is putting it mildly. I mean these two are explosive, and you will not be disappointed with their sex scenes, but sex aside, Natalie has never experienced a successful loving relationship-- besides the one she shares with her college girlfriends. Natalie keeps her wall up with Paddy, but he is willing to do whatever it takes to break through that wall and gain her trust. With the help of the Hurley family, Paddy is able to show Natalie what a caring and loving family looks like and the scenes between them and his family are just as fun to read as the ones with them getting hot and heavy.

Even though The Best Kind of Trouble is the first book in The Hurley Boy's series, Damien Hurley's story is a part of the Delicious Series—and you catch more of Damian and Mary in The Best Kind of Trouble. You don't necessarily need to read his book and that separate series to understand The Best Kind of Trouble, but you won't be disappointed if you do. In fact, I would recommend y'all read The Brown Family series, The Delicious Series and then The Hurley Boy's series. Again, you don't have to read them all in order, but they are great books and you'll catch a lot of references to past characters, which is always fun!

Written Revelry gives The Best Kind of Trouble 5 doughnuts and this quote from a delicious man with a talented tongue:

"Maybe you can eat that doughnut while I eat you."

Happy Reading!
p.s… If you are a music lover you'll enjoy discovering new music from the tracklist Lauren Dane included for The Best Kind of Trouble!

p.p.s… Get ready for Broken Open (Ezra and Tuesday's story) in November! Here is a little snippet, from The Best Kind of Trouble, of how fiercely protective and awesome Tuesday is:

"That motherfucker! I'm going to hurt him and kick him in the taint for hours."

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