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Review + Giveaway: Covering Kendall by Julie Brannagh

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Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release: October 21, 2014


Love & Football #4
Kendall Tracy, General Manager of the San Francisco Miners, is not one for rash decisions or one-night stands. But when she finds herself alone in a hotel room with a heart-stoppingly gorgeous man-who looks oddly familiar-Kendall throws her own rules out the window…and they blow right back into her face.

Drew McCoy should look familiar, he's a star player for her team's archrival the Seattle Sharks. Which would basically make Drew and Kendall the Romeo and Juliet of professional football…well, without all the dying. Not that it's an issue. They agree to pretend their encounter never happened. Nothing good can come from it anyway, right? Drew's not so sure.

Kendall may be all wrong, but he can't stop thinking about her and he finds that some risks are worth taking. Because the stakes are always highest when you're playing for keeps.


Covering Kendall was my first Julie Brannagh book and I definitely plan on reading more… I’m just bummed it took me till her 4th book to discover her and that I didn’t start sooner!
There were a couple of things that drew me to this book: It’s based in the state I live in (and y’all know how much I love that), I luuuuuurve football (GO HAWKS!), and I really wanted to read a story that had a strong, successful female lead—Covering Kendall delivered on every level. In a world of 50 Shades-esque books (which, again, y’all know I LOVE), it was really refreshing to read such a sweet and heartfelt book.

Drew is an extremely compassionate and humble guy—great head on his shoulders. Kendall is a driven, headstrong woman who handles herself well in a world dominated by men, and she does it with such poise. It’s easy to see why they connected so well, so fast… and the heat between the sheets didn’t hurt either. Their struggle though comes in the form of being on opposite sides of rival teams and living in different states. Julie could ultimately lose her job if word gets out about them and the fans probably won’t take the news of Drew being with a San Fran Miners GM very well either.

Throughout the book Drew and Kendall battle the issues that surround their secret relationship with mini subplots thrown in for fun: the power struggle of finding a new San Fran GM, dealing with a player’s bad PR, a sweet boy named Nolan, and Drew’s parents—who are adorable. Towards the end there’s a curve ball thrown their way and I’m so glad that Julie added the epilogue to tie up the loose ends; it rounds out the book so nicely.

Written Revelry gives Covering Kendall a 4 out of 5!


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