Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Review & Giveaway: James Games by L.A. Rose

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Release: September 30th, 2014


Every year, the girls of Phi Delta Chi, Fiona Arlett's dream sorority, hold a competition. 

The prize? 

James Reid, king size bar of eye candy and famous actor turned haughty undergrad. 

The rules? 

No girl but the winner can touch him. 

The problem? 

Fiona miiight have unknowingly banged his brains out last week. 

Losing the competition may mean wearing a chicken suit to the sexiest Halloween costume contest, but she'd rather have feathers up her butt than let the truth out. 

Unfortunately, she and James have lots in common and more chemistry than the science wing. Soon they're sneaking around behind the backs of UCSD's hottest and most vengeful girls. 

If they find out? 

Fiona's screwed.

James Games was a fun, flirty easy read. Fiona, the ex-Amish college girl, is a quick witted, in your face female lead. She is definitely making up for the oppressed lifestyle she lived until she was 14. James, oh sweet, beautiful James, has the whole serious, troubled alpha male thing going on… and I love it. His whole asshole fa├žade is to protect himself and cover-up the hurts from when he was a teen heartthrob.

L.A. Rose doesn't disappointed with engaging dialogue and serious laugh out loud moments. Even the quirky, somewhat creepy and even evil secondary characters are fun to read about. Now the concept of the games was off. It was weird and had me scratching my head at times, but in the end some things come to light and it all makes sense.

Overall, I say go read James Games. It has its steamy moments, its nail biting moments, its WTF moments, and its never ending laugh out loud moments. In fact, both of L.A. Roses books have all these elements, but I'm going to go out there and say that James Games is my favorite.


Written Revelry gives James Games 4.5 out of 5!
This isn't exactly what Fiona and James wrote back and forth in class, but I can totally see it happening:

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Happy Reading,
L.A. Rose


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