Friday, October 10, 2014

Review: Just One Spark by Jenna Bayley-Burke

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release: October 7th, 2014

Once the flame is ignited, there's no escaping the heat.

Just One, Book 1

Hannah Daniels reads steamy romance novels so she can forget her lack of a personal life—and the fact that the one time in her life she took a risk on love, her heart was left in pieces. Her busy schedule means she reads whenever she can make time. Like at the laundromat while sitting on top of a washing machine.

Mason McNally has waited his whole life for a woman who stirs his soul. When he finds her, she's nose-deep in a racy paperback, perched atop a vibrating washing machine. Her beauty, boldness and raw sensuality definitely stir something in Mason. But there's a problem. He's forgotten he's wearing a wedding ring.

No amount of hasty explanations that it's for his brother's psychology experiment keeps her from disappearing. Now he's consumed with finding her again and convincing her that her first impression was wrong, and their spark of attraction is oh so right.

I'm a Jenna Bayley-Burke fan. I luuuuurved Compromising Positions and Par for the Course was good too, but Just One Spark didn't do much for me. I liked Just One Spark, but I didn't love it.

Our main lady Hannah is a little skittish when it comes to men and relationships—she has been done dirty by the craptastic Marty. The lovely (sarcasm) Marty was married and kept that little secret from Hanna for over a year, so you can understand her hesitation. With Hannah approaching her 30th birthday, and everyone around her getting married and having babies, she is feeling the pressure.

Our main man Mason is a sweet, enthusiastic, impulsive firefighter of a man. These qualities have been passed down from his parents who got married after only 3 days of knowing each other. In fact, it's kind of a family thing, so it's no surprise that with just one like into Hannah's unique eyes (two different colors), he falls and is determined to get to know her. Now, being sweet, enthusiatstic and impulsive don't seem like bad qualities, and they're not really, but there are times where it doesn't translate well in the book. His protectiveness comes off as being oddly weird instead, but I'm willing to overlook that because 1) it's fiction and 2) he sounds really hot in his tight firefighters t-shirt.

Hannah and Mason are a cute couple and seem to have a hot sex life, but their connection doesn't come off as being very deep at times. The whole Christmas card thing turned out different than how I thought. Jeremy just seemed to go away, which I thought was odd since he seemed to be a big deal at times. Marty is an ass, but that's nothing new. And I love the McNally family! Overall, it was a light, easy read and it's a great filler book if you're between reads.

Written Revelry gives Just One Spark a 2.5 out of 5.

p.s… Do yourself a favor and read Compromising Positions!

Happy Reading,
Jenna Bayley-Burke


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